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Web Services XML Framework

Despite the promise of the School Interoperability Framework (SIF), first introduced by Microsoft in 1999, districts and companies alike struggle to have their systems share data with other systems. Today more than ever, there is a need for PreK-12 school districts and for educational companies to have integrated systems, environments and platforms. Cimple’s Web Services Framework is open and customizable, where a district or company can define their own XML schema for sending and receiving messages. The Framework provides a mechanism for a district or company to manage the entire integration process among systems to guarantee that data sent and then received is processed and stored. And, the Framework offers a “universal translator” for districts and companies to fine tune and to adjust so that data is not lost in the translation process. Point-to-point system integration is not a practical or viable way for systems, environments or platforms to share data. A centrally distributed system integration is more efficient, cost-effective and much easier to maintain and update.

All-In-One Longitudinal Data Center

The absence of historical K-12 student data in one central database makes it very difficult for school leaders to evaluate the success of instructional programs and the effectiveness of teachers over a period of time. School districts today have several different and disparate systems and resources that capture student data. Student data from basic demographics, to subjects, teachers and grades passed and current, to formative and summative assessments, to English Language Learns, to students with special needs, to pass and current test scores on national, state and local exams, to low income students, to students with disabilities and much more represent data needed by school leaders to make decisions. Most schools today have data but in several different electronic file cabinets. Few schools today have all their student data in an All-In-One Data Center. The capability to capture data from multiple systems and resources using Cimple’s Web Services Framework into the All-In-Data Center provides a way to do the kinds of things that school leaders need to do to better understand what works and what doesn’t work and to make changes and decisions to improve student outcomes. To fully take advantage of the analytic and business intelligence tools available today for both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases, school leaders need historical student data in one central database.

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