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About Us

Founded in 1982 by an educator, Cimple Systems, Inc. began by developing PC Office Applications for schools to augment existing mainframe scheduling systems. In 1984 Cimple released the first Student Scheduling System in the K-12 market to use artificial intelligence, where the machine could think and learn from its mistakes. With that success, Cimple developed several other individual application products for other school offices, for instance attendance and guidance offices. Pressed to connect these office products, Cimple released a complete building solution first for high schools and then middle schools. By 1989, Cimple then added elementary schools and district office applications, to offer schools a complete district-wide enterprise solution. All of Cimple’s products were built for the PC using Microsoft compilers; initially, Fortran because the founder’s degree in Mathematics, then C++ for Windows, and today C# for web applications develop in Microsoft Visual Studio. By the mid-90’s Cimple began to exclusively focus on selling Enterprise Solutions to small school districts. Both New York and then in New Jersey, Cimple became a leading provider of Student Information Systems (SIS) for small school districts. In 1999, the founder’s son, a graduate with honors from Carnegie Mellon with a Master’s Degree in Information Decision Systems, joined the company.

In 2004, Cimple released its Enterprise Solution .NET Student Information System. Then in 2005, its Web Services .NET Framework with an All-In-One (A1) Longitudinal Data Center to enable schools to capture historical student data for analysis in a local data mart. Cimple was the first to introduce the use of Web Services Technology that provides a way for data entered or changed in the SIS to be captured in the “real-time” in the A1 Data Center. In addition, a Universal Agent (UA) was created to capture data from 3rd party systems used by Cimple’s Districts; for example, Special Education Systems and Test Assessment Systems including Test Data from outside sources. Today the platform consists of: Microsoft .NET Version 3.5 Framework, ASP.NET Web Applications, ASP.NET/WCF Web Service, and a SQL Server or Oracle Database.

In 2007 Cimple’s business model changed. As a Technology Development Company for School Leaders, we decided to return to our roots and focus on the “front-end” of an SIS, that is, Student Scheduling. We knew that better than 97% of the schools in the U.S. had Student Information Systems with a Scheduling Component. Why then were some many schools nationwide opening with scheduling problems? Why was it that their students were not being placed with the right teachers? How come these school leaders open year after year with the same problems? Was it because they hadn’t tried? Was it they were lazy and don’t care? Or was it that they didn’t know how to take a huge complex structure and look at it in a very simplified way? We concluded that the existing systems in schools were too complex. They were designed and built for experienced scheduling experts to use. So we decided to create a teaching and learning scheduling platform for K-12 school leaders. Much like an individual learning how to drive a car for the first time, we needed to develop a step-by-step process with built-in safeguards for novices, “scheduling rookies,” from start to finish. Our “mission accomplished” goal being that when a school leader completes Cimple’s Professional Development Program they will then know how to schedule using any other computer scheduling system that the district currently has or may purchase in the future. Similar to learning how to drive a car, once you’ve passed the driving test and then driving course, you can get behind the wheel of any car and drive!

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